Early Day Motion on War Widows’ Pension Sponsored by Bob Ainsworth MP

WAR WIDOWS’ PENSION – Early Day Motion 2014-15 / 187

Session: 2014-15 Date tabled: 26.06.2014

Primary sponsor: Ainsworth, Bob


Gray, James
Hoey, Kate
Dodds, Nigel
Stuart, Gisela

That this House is deeply concerned about the anomaly whereby war widows awarded a pension between 31 March 1973 and 5 April 2005 lose their entitlement if they co-habit or re-marry, whereas those widowed before and after those dates do not; and calls on the Government to rectify this unfair discrimination, affecting some 4,000 widows, by allowing all of them to keep their pensions for life, as advocated by the War Widows’ Association of Great Britain.


Update (17/07/2014)

The War Widows’ Association are delighted to announce that the Early Day Motion (EDM) 187 in support of its current campaign is now being sponsored by Bob Ainsworth MP; this follows on from Julian Brazier’s appointment as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence.

Thank you to Mr Ainsworth and to all those MPs who have already signed the EDM supporting our campaign; please encourage your MP to sign the EDM and ensure the Government rectifies this unfair discrimination, affecting some 4,000 widows.

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2 Responses to Early Day Motion on War Widows’ Pension Sponsored by Bob Ainsworth MP

  1. Pauline Brand says:

    I agree that the current legislation for war widows pension is unjust and unfair…Having be widowed myself and given up my widows pension,to remarry..My late husband died knowing that I would have a small income of his,but obviously wasn’t aware that because I was of a young age (50) I would have to give back what he had worked for ,with 27 years in service, just because I found someone to share my golden years with..Rules and regulations change, but I feel the government have got this so very wrong…

  2. carol hurley says:

    I agree that war widows should keep there pensions I was only young and had two young children and yes I did meet someone and get remarried I do belive that these pensions should be reinstated

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