Update on ‘The Wrong Time to Die’ Campaign

Irene Wills and Mary Moreland at 10 Downing Street

Following the announcement by the MOD on Saturday 8 November we have put together an information sheet to clarify the scope of the change and the way ahead. This is based on our current interpretation of the announcement. It is not intended to provide specific advice to any individual and we would recommend that you obtain specialist advice before making any potentially significant decisions.

Download our information sheet.

Coverage of the Campaign

BBC Footage – Pensions for life for military spouses who remarry

ITV Footage – Charities welcome military widows pension move

Channel 4 Footage – War widows free to remarry without losing pension from April


Good Housekeeping Institute – War widows pension loophole closed

The Independent – War widows will be allowed to remarry and keep pensions under new rules

Daily Mail – Military widows get pension boost

Daily Mail – Military widows who remarry will no longer lose their pensions as David Cameron announces closing of ‘absolutely wrong’ loophole

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