WWA Annual Service of Remembrance 2016 – Remembering Our ‘Forgotten Women and Men’

On Saturday 12th November 2016 at 12.30pm the War Widows’ Association and their family, friends, supporters and guests will gather at the Cenotaph in Whitehall for their Annual Service of Remembrance.

The programme of events is as follows:

10.30 – Welcome/Comfort Stop Sixty One Whitehall
11.30 – Members make their way to King Charles Street
12.00 – Form up to walk to the Cenotaph
12.30 – Service commences
13.15 – Reception for members and invited guests Sixty One Whitehall
14.00 – Lunch for members and invited guests Sixty One Whitehall

When the Nation comes together on Sunday 13th November it will be to remember all those who have suffered or died in war, but it is essential that those left behind are not overlooked; we have a duty to ensure that Britain’s ‘Forgotten Women and Men’; the War Widows and War Widowers are remembered; the very reason for the War Widows’ Association Service on Saturday 12th November 2016.

Members will also attend the Official Opening of the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on Thursday 10th November and the National Service of Remembrance on Sunday 13th November.

For full details and to read the Chairman’s thoughts, please view our press release here.

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