Please Give War Widows an Early Christmas Present

Christmas Candles

As we enter this festive season the War Widows’ Association calls upon the Government to demonstrate compassion and do what is right. We implore the Government to reinstate the War Widow(er)s Compensation Pension to all war widow(er)s who had to surrender their compensation on remarriage or co-habitation. The War Widows’ Compensation Pension was provided by the Government as a no-fault compensation payment to the spouse or recognised partner of our armed forces personnel where their death was attributed to their service. The number of War Widow(er)s impacted is small and the cost to reinstate this compensation would be minimal.

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9 Responses to Please Give War Widows an Early Christmas Present

  1. angela evans says:

    Its the right thing to do.

  2. Helen Young says:

    Thank you for keeping this issue in the spotlight.

  3. Maria Randell says:

    Thank you for your support.

  4. H Brown says:

    Thank you, for keeping this in spotlight.Very important to push on for this injustice.

  5. mrs karen dooley says:

    please keep pushing for us forgotten few

  6. anne machaj says:

    Thank you for your continued support

  7. Mrs J Mcgookin says:

    God bless you all for keeping this highlighted, as I do agree how unfair it is to only a few … That’s what you get for being HONEST

  8. Pamela Maher says:

    it has always been a major injustice, and denigrates the memory of the service people-who ever heard of being FINED for happiness????????????

  9. Isabel edwards says:

    Its wrong

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