Our Chairman Mary Moreland and Chairman Elect Moira Kane will be representing all War Widow/ers in Portsmouth today and especially those from D Day who are no longer with us or are unable to attend through illness or age.

The War Widows’ Association is the United kingdom’s leading representative organisation for widows and widowers of armed forces personnel where the death of their spouse or recognised partner has been attributed to their service life.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, a host of special events will take place across the UK and France.

Portsmouth, where much of the landing force sailed from in 1944, will be the focal point of the UK commemorations.

Built on three pillars #Campaigning, #Caring and #Remembering the War Widows’ Associations represents all War Widow/ers irrespective of Cap Badge, Service or Gender

The Chairman Mary Moreland said “I am extremely honoured and very humbled to attend this D Day commemoration event; The War Widows’ Association ensures that those left behind, the wives, husbands, partners, families, after the ultimate sacrifice has been paid are never forgotten. It is an enormous privilege to represent all those War Widow and War Widowers who are unable to attend, whether through age, illness or because they themselves has passed away”.


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