(C)Cornwall Live

Major Chris Brannigan arrived at Vimy Barracks today a little after 4pm. A huge crowd turned out to cheer and welcome him to the Garrison along with a Military Band and a Piper.

He is raising money, by walking BAREFOOT, carrying 25kg, 700 miles from Lands’ End to Edinburgh via Downing St, London to raise money for his daughter Hasti in the “Hope for Hasti” mission at the time of posting he has raised £420,000 smashing his original target.

At 8 years old, back in May 2018, Hasti was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CDLS) a rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation in a developmental gene.

He hopes to complete the march in Edinburgh 10th August 2020. See local press for details of his route.

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