…want to do any fundraising for our Association to celebrate our 50th year. Get in touch at info@warwidows.org.uk to register your event.

Bill kindly decided to ask his friends to donate money to the Association rather than receive birthday money THANK YOU Bill £50 raised !

What could you do to help us raise money? Some ideas might include:-

  • Walking or running 50 miles. Maybe not all in one go, but perhaps in a relay with friends or done over several days
  • 50 Tricks with your pet. Can your dog (or even your cat) do something repeatedly, like catching a ball / treat / toy
  • Knitting a lap blanket of 50 squares
  • Baking and selling 50 tasty Cupcakes

While the above are a few suggestions, it would be much more meaningful if you were to incorporate something from one of your passions or hobbies.

What will you decide to do to take up the challenge, please send us a few pictures so we can share in the celebration.

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