UPDATE – Marjory’s Funeral will take place 6th April at 3pm. Please take a moment to remember this lovely lady.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you Marjory passed away on Sunday morning 28th March 2021. 

She was unwell for 2 days whilst staying with Cathy, her daughter and family in Cheshire during the first lockdown and diagnosed with cancer in March 2020. 

She had been so well and happy prior to that so it took everyone by surprise as there were no signs that anything was wrong.  

Despite surgery and chemotherapy which she came through with her normal fighting spirit the disease overtook her in March of this year. The family are pleased that until the last 3 weeks, she was ‘well’ and had a good quality of life with absolutely no pain. Even when she did have pain, she bore it with her usual stoicism but the doctors were able to control it. She died pain free and very peacefully.

Cathy wrote: 

‘The Association gave her such joy and her own role as an RO was something she took huge pride in and also her time as a committee member.

Thank you for the opportunities you gave her and the joy it afforded her in her latter years. She was fiercely devoted to the Association.’

I always loved Marjory’s joie de vivre and her wicked sense of humour! I’m sure many of you will have happy memories of Marjory.

May she rest in peace.

Dedication written by Chris Tinker.

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