In March, a team of FWC ladies are seeking to become the world’s first all-female team to retrace the steps of the Heroes of Telemark – a daring WWII mission by Norwegian Special Forces that would prevent the Nazis from building an atomic bomb. This will be a gruelling challenge; travelling over 100km on foot with over 300kg of kit in below freezing conditions. 

In the build up to this challenge the FWC ‘HOT’ ladies have been training hard; preparing for long days, pulling and carrying heavy kit across the Hardangervidda plateau in Norway and we need YOUR help ….

Join us on Sunday 27th February 2022 in our 10k10k HOT Challenge to raise funds for our chosen charity the War Widows Association and to remember the amazing efforts of the real Heroes of Telemark on the anniversary of the original raid. EVERYONE can get involved! All you have to do is grab a pack; fill it with 10kg and you can run, walk, bimble… for 10km. 

A few ideas…

?Grab a rucksack and fill with cans of beans/bottles of cordial

?‍?‍?Split the distance/weight up with a friend and do 5k5k

?Why not do a tyre drag like the HOT ladies

Click here for more information and to access their Just Giving Page.

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