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After all the storms there is activity all around with the clearing up aftermath. Down here on the coast the noise of the winds was incredible and the size of the waves quite scary. It was too dangerous to walk along the beach with the dogs as they could easily have been swept out to sea but watching from a distance was amazing. We didn’t have any damage to our house or garden but I know many others were not so lucky. Now that those storms are passed it is lovely to see that the daffodils, snowdrops and crocus survived. A true sense that spring is on its way.

Storm Eunice – Feb 2022
Storm Eunice – Feb 2022

At the beginning of February I attended a meeting addressing bullying and harassment and subsequently I have asked one of our Trustees to look into this with regards to our Association and to come up with a policy for discussion amongst the Board of Trustees.

We have a new Treasurer and Bookkeeper who took over from Debbie in their respective roles in February. There is a lot of information for them to get to grips with, but they are both proving to be excellent in these very important positions and once again I thank them for stepping up to the challenge. 

I also visited the company which does our printing last month. They are still coping with the results of Covid and many of the staff were absent on the day I went there. As you know we have had a few problems with the printing but hopefully as they get back to having a full capacity workforce then things will improve. At the moment it is taking longer than we would like to have things printed so we are being very strict on deadlines so please if you would like to contribute towards the next Courage then make sure it is sent to courage@warwidows.org.uk before the 1st May 2022. In fact the earlier the better.

I was due to be in London on 23rd Feb to attend a Cobseo meeting but due to storm damage on the railway tracks I could not get there. I joined the meeting from home and it ended up being a very useful experience. The majority of the members were there in person and it was difficult to know who was talking because of the camera position. Also the further away anyone was from the microphone the fainter their voice was. These are all problems which I have discussed with our IT Consultant to ensure that we do not have the same problems during our AGM. So although I was saddened not to be there in person and do some networking, I did take a lot away from the meeting.

Last week I attended a meeting in London which happened to be held in a Polish venue. As you can imagine there was much talk about the situation in Ukraine. How sad to think that there will be so many more war widows in Europe. The vast number of refugees who are pouring into neighbouring countries all require help and I am sure that there will be somewhere local to you that will be collecting on their behalf. We know only too well how devastating it is to be widowed but to be on your own or with small children, in a new country with nothing must be terrifying.

Last week I also met with our investment manager at Brewin Dolphin. She is due to retire in the summer and I went to meet her along with her successor. I explained to her how our money was spent, where any new money came from and what we required from our investments.  She is very experienced, has military connections and I am sure that she will carry on the excellent service which we enjoy at the moment.

I have a few more meetings to attend before the AGM, but I am really now concentrating on the final details for the AGM and look forward to meeting so many of you in Leamington Spa. The last face to face AGM was in Edinburgh and that seems like an eternity ago. We will be joined virtually by some members and they have all been sent their log in details.

Keep safe and well everyone and please keep in touch.

Yours, Moira 

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