The War Widows’ Association does not have any paid staff. All work is completed by volunteers; therefore the preferred method of contact is via email.


Tel: 0845 2412 189

Press Releases

11/11/2017We’re delighted to report that Christine Tinker was reunited with her Elizabeth Cross in time for the Remembrance Services. 
11/11/2017When the Nation comes together on Sunday 12th November many remember all those who have suffered or died in war, but it is essential that those left behind are not overlooked; we have a duty to ensure that Britain’s ‘Forgotten Women and Men’; the War Widows’ and War Widowers are remembered; the very reason for the War Widows’ Association Service on Saturday 11th November 2017.
8/4/2017The War Widows’ Association AGM in Manchester. The 2017 AGM will see a change of Chairman; Mrs Irene Wills BEM will hand over to Mrs Mary Moreland. 

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