Please read and accept the policy detailed below to obtain access to the members area.

Acceptable Use Policy


The internet has enormous potential and is a wonderful resource. However, improper use can be dangerous. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that you, as a member of the War Widows Association (WWA) are equipped to use the internet to advantage and has the knowledge to keep yourself and others safe. Use of the Members Area of the site should be limited to WWA related communication and not for personal use. Any use of the members area, Links or Social Media that brings the WWA into disrepute is clearly not permitted. We encourage everyone using our systems  to enjoy the benefits that it brings but to be aware of its limitations and your responsibilities. Failure to do so may result in your access being removed from the system. Members are reminded that if deemed, by the Committee of Trustees to have been detrimental to the Association the Committee has absolute power. (5 (ii) and 5(iii) of Constitution refers)  

Acceptable Use Agreement – IT and E Technology

This agreement is designed to ensure that all our volunteers and members are aware of their professional responsibilities when using any form of IT and the related technologies such as email, the internet, web technologies and mobile devices. Members of the WWA should consult with the Chairman/Website Manager for further information and clarification if required.

Code of conduct

Users of the War Widows Associations’ system must not (please note this list is not exhaustive):

  • send or forward any message that could be considered as bullying or harassment
  • attempt to visit illegal or inappropriate websites
  • attempt to download illegal or inappropriate material
  • use it for purposes other than the WWA  matters 
  • post confidential information
  • gamble online
  • download or distribute copyright information
  • access the system using another members password
  • use inappropriate language that could cause offence
  • reveal any personal information
  • trespass into other members’ files
  • use personal digital cameras or phones for transferring images of vulnerable adults/children/young people.
  • Send or publish material that violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Data Protection Act (2018).

Please report any concerns that you might have when using the WWA website or members area to the Website Manager in the first instance

Please note that failure to follow this code could result in loss of access. The WWA retain the right to suspend /cancel any access to the Members Area.

 Volunteers & Members:

  • Must only use the WWAs’ email, internet, members area and other related technologies for professional purposes or for uses deemed ‘reasonable’ by the Chairman.  Individual members’ access and other related technologies can be monitored and logged and can be made available, on request.
  • Must only use approved, secure email systems for any official business.
  • Must not browse, download or send material that could be considered offensive, and should report any accidental access of inappropriate materials to Website manager.
  • Should not use the Members Area of the WWA site or resources (e.g. cameras, laptops, memory devices) for personal purposes.
  • Should ensure that personal data (such as data held about any individuals) is kept secure and is used appropriately, personal data should not be uploaded onto any area of the WWA Website.
  • All Members should note that other members of the WWA who access the Members Area of the website may be able to see the email address that you provide as part of the sign in process.
  • Are not permitted to use personal digital equipment, such as mobile phones and cameras, to record inappropriate images of children/vulnerable adults.  It will be assumed that in sharing photographs that you have obtained the subject/s permission.  
  • Should ensure that their use of web technologies, including social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, (this list is not exhaustive) does not question or bring the WWA into disrepute.

Volunteers & Members:

  • Are advised to consider, and set appropriately, their privacy settings when using social media sites.
  • Should consider the appropriateness of images and material posted in the members’ area and elsewhere. Images you do post may be used on the main Website unless you tell us not to. Once posted online, a message, photo or video clip can be freely copied, manipulated and circulated and will potentially exist forever. The War Widows Association can accept no responsibility for this.
  • Anything that is posted in the members area should not be shared with any NON-MEMBER.
  • Should not give out their own or others personal details. This includes passwords.
  • Must ensure that all communication including electronic with members and volunteers is considerate and in line with their association role.
  • Any concerns about any of the content of the website or Members Area should ALWAYS be directed to the Chairman to ensure there is adequate accountability at all times.. 
  • If you have any concern about the sensitivity of the content of any email – please discuss it with the Chairman BEFORE sending since it cannot be retracted.

Please always apply the same safeguards when using the equipment and internet wherever you are working.. This includes:

  • logging off after your session is over
  • If accessing information in a public place ie. Library, Train etc. be aware of the sensitivity of your work.
  • When Video conferencing – think about your personal environment and what might be captured by camera or microphone. Alert members of your household to not disturb you while the meeting takes place, be especially aware of confidentiality and what others might overhear.
  • checking USB drives, portable hard-drives, personal laptops for viruses before linking to site equipment
  • signing out any equipment, owned by the WWA, that you borrow in the Asset Register
  • lock away/returning any portable equipment after use owned by the WWA at the end of your Term of Office

User Signature

You will, when you click on the button below, be forwarded to a simple form and to provide us with basic information for your account. The last question forms your digital signature. This carries the same legal weight as a conventional signature. Please retain this as a copy for your records.

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Once the form has been submitted you will receive an email with your user name and password in due course.

Any questions

Please forward any questions to the relevant person below who will get back to you as soon as possible. Please remember that all Staff are unpaid volunteers therefore, response times may vary.