Past Campaigns

Retaining The War Pension For Life


War Widows’ Association Chairman, Irene Wills BEM, on 5th April 2014 launched a campaign to secure a War Widow’s Pension for life, for a small group of War Widows.

Following the announcement by the MOD on Saturday 8 November 2014, the War Widows’ Association has had a huge volume of enquiries as to what this will actually mean for War Widows/ers. As a totally voluntary organisation we do not have staff dedicated to answering these questions individually and so we have compiled this information sheet to give you a general oversight of the history of the issue, the aim of the campaign, the scope of the change of the announcement on 8 November and the way ahead, based upon our current interpretation of the announcement. It is not intended to provide specific advice to any individual and we would recommend that you obtain specialist advice before making any potentially significant decisions. We have not yet seen the draft legislation and so are relying upon our interpretation of the announcement. Again, we would recommend you get specialist individual advice before making any major life changing decisions.

Download our information sheet.

FAQs Produced for Pensions for Life Campaign (PDF format)