The War Widows’ Association – Trustees

Are YOU ready to become a Trustee?

The War Widows’ Association is looking for new trustees to join the board. As a trustee you will become an important part in running this association, which is so close to all of our hearts. 

Trustees meet regularly to discuss and plan how to carry out our objectives. We look closely at our 3 pillars: campaigning, caring and remembering. 

This year we have been forced to meet on Teams and we intend to carry on with some Teams meetings along with 3 face to face meetings a year, once allowed.  If any trustee is unable to travel to a meeting, they can still join online and be part of the discussions. 

We have 3 specific positions which we are looking to fill. If, however, you feel that you have some other skill which would be of help to us then don’t let these job titles put you off. We very much welcome applications from Associate Members. According to our constitution, we are allowed to appoint 2 Associate members to the board and currently there are none. 

Trustees appointed now will be co-opted to the Committee, then will be put forward to be formally elected by the members at the AGM 2022. 

The Trustees deal with all aspects of governance as well as the day to day running of the Association. We are all volunteers and some have more time to give than others. We encourage Trustees to attend courses either virtually or face to face to further their knowledge and develop their skills.   

Position 1) Minute Secretary 

The minute secretary is responsible for writing and publishing all minutes of Committee meetings. A draft copy of the minutes is sent to all Trustees who were present. All Trustees can comment and provide any extra information before a final set of minutes are produced and agreed by all at the next Committee meeting. The Teams meetings are all recorded for ease of recall. 

If you have never held a position as minute taker there are very good courses available from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Accountants. (courses would be paid for by the Association) 

Position 2) Treasurer 

Who Wants to be a Treasurer?

It’s a burning question – and one of intense personal interest to me.  As I said at our virtual AGM only a few weeks ago – when I stepped forward last year to help, I’d like to say that I was chosen from a cast of many; but I was the only one!  However, I cannot stay beyond the end of this summer so it is critical that we find a new Treasurer.  When a charity is set up there are few posts that the Charity Commission say we must have – but a treasurer is one of them.

Many people feel that it is an onerous task and are perhaps nervous of the financial management involved – but there is no need to be; it is not a task that you do alone.  You have the support of your fellow committee members, our external advisers and the investment managers who do the ‘big stuff’. 

If this still sounds too daunting then the Trustees will be happy to split the post of Treasurer, to see it that might make it more attractive – so we are looking for 2 people.  First, there will be a trustee holding the post of Treasurer.  They will be responsible for overseeing all financial matters (including the bookkeeping) and they will action the on-line bank transactions (which are just like your own, if you already do on-line banking).  But then we would need a second person to actually maintain the financial records.  For this it would be ideal if you had experience as a bookkeeper, but it is not essential.  The accounts database is a very simple computer programme, and will be familiar to anyone who used accounts programmes, or even spreadsheets.  We don’t use the full range of its capabilities – but rather for those that might remember the old analytical cash books – instead it is just a smart cash book from which the examiners produce the annual accounts each year.

So, if you would like to know more please email me at and give me your phone number and I’ll be happy to talk to you.

But please – I can’t stay!

Position 3) Fundraising Co-ordinator 

This is a new post which we are establishing. One of our present Trustees has been asked to set up this role and a new appointee would work alongside her until ready to take on full responsibility.  

Some of the areas for which the fundraising co-ordinator will be responsible are:   

i)identifying fundraising opportunities and running regular fundraising events 

ii) managing the supply and return of fundraising aids 

iii) responding to all supporters and donors. 

This is an exciting opportunity for someone with lots of imagination and good organisational skills. 

Committee Assistants 

If you don’t feel ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a Trustee or you don’t have a lot of time to spare have you considered becoming a Committee Assistant? You can help in any area of running the Association by working alongside a Trustee. You and the Trustee would decide how best to utilise your skills and it will give you an insight into how the Association is run. 

If you are ready to take up the challenge then please contact the Secretary on 

I look forward to receiving your applications 


Applicants will be called for interview in January when the current Committee of Trustees agree on names to be put forward for a members postal vote. The interviews,  dependent on the latest Government guidelines will held face to face in London, alternatively interviews will be held via Microsoft Teams.