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Welcome to the War Widows’ Association’s Website –

The War Widows’ Association is the United Kingdom’s leading representative organisation for widows and widowers of Armed Forces Personnel where death has been caused by or hastened by service.

The War Widows’ Association is a membership organisation; a Full member is anyone who meets the criteria of war widow war widower irrespective of the age, rank, service of the deceased or marital status.

We also have an Associate membership for anyone who believes in and wishes to support our aims.

Many of our Associate members have strong links to the Service Community.

We are honoured and privileged to have as our Patron His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

The Association, established in 1971 initially as a campaigning organisation; however, has developed and now in the 21st century is built on three strong pillars,

Campaigning, Caring and Remembering;

each supporting the organisation and its members to move forward together.

It is the unique nature of service and family life in the Armed Forces that makes War Widow and War Widowers special.

Opening of the Field of Remembrance

Enjoy exploring our website and learning more about the War Widows’ Association.